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An Apple A day....

Do you ever feel confused with what to do with your health? Are you anxious to prevent disease but feel like there are too many ways to do it? Or are you just overwhelmed by the mile long row of vitamins that all look like they would work for you? 

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Top 8 for 2018


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Pumpkin Spice No-Bake Cheesecake

No time? No problem! This dessert takes hardly any time and is delicious. And best of all, its only 21 grams of carb per serving! Once again did a great job in providing this excellent recipe for the holiday season. 

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Looking Good Brussel Sprouts

It was my plan to make a ton of food this month. To take pictures and post all the great recipes. However life with kids, work, holidays and pets is always busy and time has not allowed. So instead I am going to find you some great carb counted recipes online. 

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Recipes you would never know are carb controlled....

This month I plan to give you recipes you can use that are not only healthy and carb counted, but delicious and not complex. Carb counting doesn't have to be hard and shouldn't be scary, but some recipes don't come with a nutrition facts label and you have to do the leg work yourself which can feel daunting when you have a million other things on your mind.  

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What's the carb count?

For this entire month each of my food related entries will be carb counted in honor of National Diabetes Month.  

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Mustard makes the meal

Today I forgot my dressing for my salad. At first I was horribly bummed and was considering leaving to buy dressing when instead I decided to stay and make do with plain lettuce when suddenly I found this mustard hiding in the back of the refrigerator! Yay!  

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Meal Prepping for Success

What is the key to successful meal planning? Besides time? Finding easy recipes that your family likes. I suggest using Pinterest as there are lots of great recipes with wonderful pictures. You also can make it as easy as just cooking up some hard boiled eggs, or baking some veggie filled egg muffins. No recipe needed. You can see I went so far as to make some detox water for the week. Nothing feels better than knowing you are setting up your week for success, even down to your beverages.  

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Eat The Rainbow at Every Meal!

Wondering how to make your meals healthier and more beautiful? Easy, eat the rainbow, and you don't need a culinary degree to get it done, just mix up a veggie filled salad, chop some fruit, or even easier throw a plate full of cut veggies on the table to dip in hummus or ranch.  

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Leftover Scramble

Ever wonder what to do with leftover veggies? Throw them in with some eggs and make a scramble! I can't think of anything easier to make than a scramble. First heat the vegetables or meat or whatever food item you want to use in the scramble in a pan on the stove, next crack in a couple of eggs and start mixing it together. Sometimes I will crack the eggs and whisk them in a bowl first, other times strait into the pan they are cracked. I usually add cheese to a scramble because I am a cheese nut, but you are free to go without. To spice it up add some salsa or hot sauce right after its plated. This dish is so versatile even your kids can't screw it up, plus its full of protein and a great way to use up those leftovers!  

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Jessica Carter MS, RD, LD

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Jessica Carter is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian. She is the founder and president of Core Health & Nutrition, LLC.

As a wife, mother, and dedicated professional, Jessica is passionate about living life to the fullest while still maintaining balance.

Jessica founded Core Health & Nutrition on the fundamental belief that with the right information and a little bit of motivation, anyone can have good health. She also believes that the ability to prevent disease and lead a healthy life is all about making the right choices. It is the mission of Core Health & Nutrition to provide clients with the knowledge, the tools and the motivation to make the best decisions for their health.

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