Shavasana Workshop

We all need a little more shavasana in our lives. This workshop is an opportunity to learn more about the health benefits of shavasana, to understand why shavasana is the most important pose in yoga, and to experience a guided full shavasana after an exhilarating yoga flow.  

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Trust Your Gut

Ever feel like your stomach is trying to tell you something? Well, it probably is and its about time you start listening! Gut health contributes to an array of medical conditions from simple acne to complicated autoimmune disorders.  

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Yoga Workshops

What is the value in a workshop? Why pay extra for a "longer" class? What does a workshop even look like? What would I need to bring? 

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Hi, I'm Jessica!
I am a Registered & Licensed Dietitian, wife & mother, passionate about living life to the fullest while still maintaining balance.
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Jessica Carter MS, RD, LD

Meet Jessica

Jessica Carter is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian. She is the founder and president of Core Health & Nutrition, LLC.

As a wife, mother, and dedicated professional, Jessica is passionate about living life to the fullest while still maintaining balance.

Jessica founded Core Health & Nutrition on the fundamental belief that with the right information and a little bit of motivation, anyone can have good health. She also believes that the ability to prevent disease and lead a healthy life is all about making the right choices. It is the mission of Core Health & Nutrition to provide clients with the knowledge, the tools and the motivation to make the best decisions for their health.

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