Holiday Happenings

The open house was a success and the clothes were well received! For the holiday months the Yoga Shop at Core Health Nutrition and Yoga will be open for additional shopping hours on Saturday mornings during the month of December. The Shop is always open before and after all Core Health yoga classes. And for an extra hour on Wednesdays from 3-4 and an extra two hours on Thursdays from 1-3. More times are subject to be added in as time goes and some times are subject to change. Please check back for changes. Core Health will be closed from November 20th through the 27th. Please check schedule for Leanne and Kathryn.   

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Trust Your Gut

Ever feel like your stomach is trying to tell you something? Well, it probably is and its about time you start listening! Gut health contributes to an array of medical conditions from simple acne to complicated autoimmune disorders.  

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Quality is Key!

Do you struggle to find quality yoga clothes in Bemidji? I know I do. One of my first goals in opening the studio was to carry a couple of lines of clothing that I felt were quality, somewhat sustainable and came in ALL sizes. After researching I have been able to find some brands that check those boxes. Right now my stock is limited but over the next month I will be getting in more styles, colors and an assortment of bigger body clothes so that women of every shape and size can feel comfortable and secure in their practice.  

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Q: What are some suggestions for reducing my carb intake at thanksgiving?

A: That's a great question and the answer will vary slightly based on where you meal will take place. If you are hosting the meal then its an easy fix to create vegetable side dishes that are lower in carb. has some great options. Or it can be as simple as including a veggie tray and/or a meat and cheese tray with your meal. Squash is an option as a lower carb vegetable so long as its free of added sugars. If you are going somewhere else see if you can find out what the meal will be, if there are no low carb options request to bring a side dish to share. Regardless of the location of the meal and whether or not you have control of the food choices, you definitely have control of your portions. So go ahead and try everything if you must, just be sure to reduce your portion size of the carb heavy items and load up on things like turkey and green veggies. And also be sure to take your medications. Don't lie to yourself about the carb count or neglect to test your blood sugar, its important on these days to be aware of whats going on so if you are on insulin you can dose accordingly. Last tip, get active. Go for a walk, play an active game with family, start decorating the house for Christmas. Just add some activity to help utilize all that extra energy you ate. And don't forget to enjoy the time with family and friends! Happy Thanksgiving!


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