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Mustard makes the meal

Today I forgot my dressing for my salad. At first I was horribly bummed and was considering leaving to buy dressing when instead I decided to stay and make do with plain lettuce when suddenly I found this mustard hiding in the back of the refrigerator! Yay!  

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Eat The Rainbow at Every Meal!

Wondering how to make your meals healthier and more beautiful? Easy, eat the rainbow, and you don't need a culinary degree to get it done, just mix up a veggie filled salad, chop some fruit, or even easier throw a plate full of cut veggies on the table to dip in hummus or ranch.  

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Messy Lamb

Who says healthy can't be messy? Or did no one ever say that? Well if they did, here's to proving them wrong. This sandwich has it all: Shredded lamb, sauerkraut, gouda cheese, shredded roasted brussel sprouts, dijon mustard and all loaded and overloaded onto a pretzel bun! Delicious!  

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Salad in a cup

In case you missed this instagram post the other day, I wanted to share with you my creativity on my lunch break. I was super busy at lunch the other day and had no time to go get a plate from the cafeteria, I also had forgotten any sort of container to use as a dish for my salad and I was honestly just about to do the most horrible thing ever and skip lunch when I saw my spare coffee cup sitting on the shelf....yes I have a spare cup.... you know in case there is a freak accident with the regular cup. I thought fast and decided it was big enough for a bowl and it worked beautifully!!! I may be using my larger coffee cups more often. It had a built in handle so I could hold it close to my mouth, you know for shoveling in purposes, and it was deep enough so it didn't spill over when I was trying to look at the computer and stab a tomato, and it was convenient! Im sure its not as genius as it feels but I am taking credit if the salad in a cup trend starts.   

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Bringing Home to the Office

It is incredibly easy to grab food to go or to eat in town when I am in my Bemidji office. In fact I often look forward to these days so that I can do just that. However as one of my goals the start of this new year was to clean out the stuff at home, I am stuff with more leftovers. This noodle concoction is actually the kids dinner from the night before. In order to "healthily" their canned chicken noodle soup I decided to add a whole bag of peas to the pot on the stove. Myself and my oldest decided it turned out great (for canned soup that is) but my youngest threw a fit and was not a fan. I guess next time we will try adding carrots instead. As for the other bowl of goodness on the side, that is tuna mixed with some ranch dressing powder and some greek yogurt, very good combo. Then of course the cuties that we have excess amounts of, some sparkling water, a little bit of cheese, and my coffee with whip cream. Seriously I feel like I am at home :)  

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Jessica Carter MS, RD, LD

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Jessica Carter is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian. She is the founder and president of Core Health & Nutrition, LLC.

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