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Salad in a cup

In case you missed this instagram post the other day, I wanted to share with you my creativity on my lunch break. I was super busy at lunch the other day and had no time to go get a plate from the cafeteria, I also had forgotten any sort of container to use as a dish for my salad and I was honestly just about to do the most horrible thing ever and skip lunch when I saw my spare coffee cup sitting on the shelf....yes I have a spare cup.... you know in case there is a freak accident with the regular cup. I thought fast and decided it was big enough for a bowl and it worked beautifully!!! I may be using my larger coffee cups more often. It had a built in handle so I could hold it close to my mouth, you know for shoveling in purposes, and it was deep enough so it didn't spill over when I was trying to look at the computer and stab a tomato, and it was convenient! Im sure its not as genius as it feels but I am taking credit if the salad in a cup trend starts.   

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