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Office Throw together

Todays lunch was a combination of things that I found in my little spot in the office refrigerator and in my food stash drawer at my desk. I have to admit I was highly impressed with the concoction I threw together and it tasted delicious! 

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Tasting plate

Todays lunch was so fun and easy! I was a little undecided this morning and pretty busy making batches of chili to test for the chili cook off so lunch prep was not on my mind. I also knew that where I would be for lunch was up in the air as I would maybe be traveling to our outreach clinic to see patients. So I needed to keep things portable and simple. I opened my fridge and peeked inside and just starting packing whatever I could find. I had some leftover fruit and nuts from a fruit and cheese plate I had this weekend so that went into the bag. I also had some sliced up cheese for my daughters lunch that she did not take, that went in the bag. Next I saw some cucumbers that were on their way to being bad, into the bag they go. An almost empty container of hummus, some baby tomatoes on the first shelf, some salami that only I eat and bam, the bag is full. Perfect!  

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Mexican Weekend

Since this blog is still in its beginning phase I had to decide how to do my weekend lunches. Should I pre post something? Should I try to do my posts right at lunch like I do during the weekdays? Or should I post sunday night after the weekend wraps up? Well due to lack of planning, the sunday night plan won out. Which is just fine in case I have a weekend like this past one where I spent most of the time traveling so instead of in the moment posts, my posts are typical choices I have made in the past. Not necessarily ones that I had this weekend.  

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Not your typical drive thru food

What is the craziest place you have eaten lunch? Or rather what is the craziest thing you have done to have 5 minutes with no cell phone reception and no one bothering you so that you could eat lunch? Well today I purposely went through a car wash JUST so that I could have 5 minutes to eat my lunch. Lets back up a tish.... 

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Beef! Its whats for dinner...or lunch


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Lets start things off right!

This marks my first entry into my daily lunch blog. I am often complimented at work and at home for my crazy meal inspirations that just happen to be healthy. Even as my husband and I were having a late night snack last night he said "Everytime you make something I want to eat it! You make the simplest things look so good!" (And no folks I did not pay him to say that. I do consider myself to have a bit of a knack for throwing together random items and calling it lunch. I hate boring food and I feel like any meal that is not enjoyed is just one meal opportunity lost in life. 

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Sloppy Joe Healthy-Style!

Estimated prep time: 20 minutes 

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Easy Kale Chips

Prep time: 10 minutes 

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