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Favorite Weekend Lunches Part 2

Although this weekend I did not travel, I had a very laid back weekend with the kids and put the electronic devices, work, and social media to the side. I wanted to be present with them and work on some further decluttering of my home. Needless to say I had an excellent lunch, just didn't post it. Instead I will post an additional favorite lunch of mine from around town.  

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Sometimes I amaze myself...

This morning I was dead set on buying lunch in town. I was tired, I had a bust day ahead of me and I was just not in the mood to prepare something ahead of time. However, my husband and I have been trying to save money lately and have been doing out "fiscal fast" days which basically means we spend 0 dollars all day long and I was trying to see how many days in a row I could make it. Being as busy as I am it is actually quite difficult because there is so much temptation to just grab food here or there, grab a coffee, etc. So I informed him as we got ready for the day, that I thought I was going to have to break my fiscal fast. :( . Not the end of the world I know, but for someone who spends too much all the time, it has felt like a major accomplishment to go this long not even swiping a card. Enough I know... on to the meal.  

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Not quite the prettiest left over fajita pizza...

Today I ate lunch at home. But it was rushed. In between clients I flew home so that I was sure to A.) save money, B.) make a healthy choice and C.) get the UPS package full of shoes before my husband saw it.... ;)  

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Leftover Madness!!

By now most of you know what a huge fan I am of leftovers and how much I hate food waste. And yet I don't like to eat the same thing over and over. So how do I avoid this? I mix the leftovers to create new dishes! This is exactly what I did today with the last 3 nights leftover dinner meals.  

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Pasta-less Salad

I know, I know, this looks amazing and I have to tell you it tastes delish! I love it so much. What did I do you might ask? Well I was in the mood for pasta salad this morning but I didn't have time to make pasta. So instead I put everything from my refrigerator that I would want in my pasta salad with some lettuce. Then right before lunch timeI added some dressing, shook it all up and BAM! Instant pasta less salad. Oh and what's on the side there? That my friends is another favorite of mine, crackers with Harmony's Ambrosia spread on there. Yummmmy! 

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Shell-Less, Meat-Less, Taco Salad!

I love salad in any way, and I also love tacos in any way. So todays lunch was a combination of both. I used the leftover veggie taco mixture and the excess tomatoes from my stepmom's garden and voila! An amazing taco salad. In fact this salad was so amazing, it was complimented from co workers as I prepared it in the break room 

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Favorite Weekend Lunches Part 1!

Once again I was traveling over the weekend and was unable to really document any of my meals. I try to practice mindfulness when on family getaways and will do my best to leave my phone in my purse or in the car. This way I get the most out of my weekends and start my work week right. Plus my daughter won't be 5 forever, I want to soak up every moment with her. However it puts a little hitch in the blog so like last weekend instead of posting what I ate I will post other healthy lunch choices that I HAVE made in the past. This post will feature one of my favorite choices at one of my favorite lunch spots.   

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Garbage Wrap!

Today, like most days, I was extremely busy and had very little time for lunch. But lunch is important and no matter how hectic and busy things are, I never skip a meal. You all remember the car wash post right?? Luckily my busyness brought me home around 1:30 right when I was about to eat the tootsie rolls from the bank (little known fact about me is I hate tootsie rolls so if I am ready to eat them then you know I am starving!!). Being home allows me to not only save money at lunch but also permits me to be superbly creative. Today my creative juices were especially flowing and I decided on a wrap. Usually my wraps include a ton of veggies but since we are heading out of town this weekend I was avoiding any grocery shopping and focusing on eating up leftovers . This didn't stop my wrap process though. I opened the fridge and just started pullin things out so what ended up in my wrap(s)?? 

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Making a good choice, when theres not a good choice

Todays lunch was a rainy day comfort lunch. Most often when you hear comfort food you think high-carb, high- fat, high-calorie and that is true, a lot of comfort food is that way, but with a little sacrifice and balance, we can have our comfort food and eat it too! 

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Chocolate Chili

Todays lunch was a little different than most. I participated in the chili cook off for United way and it was so much fun! It did however put a little hitch in my normal lunch plans. Usually, as you all know, I will try to sit down and have a healthy, creative lunch, but today I sampled 30 different chilis instead. 

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