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Im back!!

I apologize for my 4 day recent absence. There were a series of events going on in my life that just made it impossible to log the food I ate. I did take pictures though and have included them here. As you can see I was into soup this past weekend.  

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Veggies, and Tuna, and Crackers, Oh MY!

What do you do when you are saving money and still trying to eat good? Well you go through your freezer and your cupboards and you get creative. Todays lunch was so easy. Before I left the house I opened a can of tuna and mixed it with some Just Mayo and the remaining dill pickle relish that has literally been dying to be put on a hotdog since this past july. Then I packed that into the ol' lunch bag along with a can of tuna and some crackers from the pantry. Delicious and Nutritious. The crackers are some low carb healthy variety I had wanted to try and the tuna was wild caught and full of healthy oils. 

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Stealing Lunch ideas from the Kiddos!

Sometimes it is ok to feel like a kid again. I really wanted to have a simple lunch today and for the first time ever I wanted a sandwich without a lot of veggies or extras. I wanted salami, pickles and mustard. That was it, and in fact I actually craved it! So I made it for lunch. For good measure and to make sure I did get some added nutrition I made a small salad and grabbed an apple. Then to round it out I pulled a bag fro my kids snack stash (the veggie chips) and BAM! A great lunch! In fact I was so excited to eat that I ate my lunch as early as I thought I could safely get away with.  

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Prime Rib on a Monday?? Of course!!

Today was a major leftover day for my lunch... Well most days are leftover days, but today was leftovers from a night out and a veggie taco night. So what did I have? Well Prime Rib of course! I cut up half of a prime rib that we had leftover from a night out this weekend, I heated it up in the microwave and then I sliced it and artfully arranged it onto a multigrain thin bun. Before I put the top back on the sandwich I spread a horseradish sauce to add a little zing! The veggies on the side were leftover veggie tacos which consisted of broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, and carrots. I then added the rest of some diced tomatoes with the sauce, and then some shredded cheese. This I melted in the microwave for a couple minutes, I plated the items and added a few grapes and BAM! perfect lunch!  

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Favorite Weekend Sandwich

On the weekend I love the opportunity to get creative in the kitchen. Now when I get creative I really go all out. I have been known to throw peanut butter with hot sauce and sauerkraut and it is good...This wasn't quite that crazy but it was still divine. This sandwich was a combination of pickles, goat cheese, medium cheddar cheese, sharp cheddar cheese, and yellow tomatoes.I can't remember if I threw some sauerkraut on there or not... most likely I did :)Oh and then I grilled it!  

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A Leisurely Friday....

I have not had very many days to take my time over lunch lately. So having one of those days today really helped me to unwind and relax. Granted my relaxing was done at my office and amongst kindergardners during a morning field trip, but it wasn't running around all day fighting traffic.  

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Colorful Containers-full

Todays post will be short and sweet because well I am just way to busy to do much more! Busy is good and busy is bad, but so long as you maintain healthy food choices and find a few minutes here and there to take a deep breath and unwind (even ifs its just 5 minutes) you should be good to go, and so long as those hectic busy days don't happen too frequently which is why tomorrow afternoon I am taking some much needed me time.  

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You have to be willing to gamble once in a while.....

Todays lunch was a risk. I wasn't totally sure how it would turn out, just like yesterdays, It was a bit of a grab and gamble as I left the house. Its not that I didn't give myself enough time to get ready, its just that I forgot about bringing lunch! I got on the treadmill this morning and had time to visit with the girls. The morning was great, I just , like an airhead I guess, forgot that I needed to plan something for lunch so of course five minutes before I left I had to grab something. So this is what I did. I took the tiny bit of tomato soup left over from the night before and I saw that was not nearly enough to go to the trouble of heating up and including in my special lunch. So instead I took a can of diced tomatoes and opened it and poured it into a bigger container and added the soup. Done- that took less than a minute. Next I grab a couple of eggs and run them through the slicer, into a container they go. Then I grab the package of lettuce that is on its last leg and definitely in questionable condition, I throw that into the bag and continue on my search. There is a little bit left of a cucumber on the 2nd shelf-into the bag it goes. Next there is are some refrigerator cucumbers that a friend made just sitting there staring at me. I will say that this morning I did not have that extra 30 seconds to grab them, but I made it happen anyway. Out the door I go. 

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Revamp your Mac n Cheese!

Todays lunch was a gamble but totally worth it. This week has not been my best for time management and this morning was a prime example. Myself and the rest of my family woke with barely enough time to get ready much less think about a lunch plan. But that is why I did this blog, right? I had to remind myself of that this morning. The purpose of the blog was to show people that lunch can be easy, quick, manageable, and still manage to stay interesting and healthy. So two minutes before walking out the door I grabbed a few stalks of broccoli, a container of mac n cheese, a small container of strawberries that was set aside for a snack, and some goat cheese. All items were within easy reach and honestly took less than 30 seconds to grab. I threw them in the bag and took off to work. Then at lunch time I chopped up the broccoli, mixed it with the macaroni and sprinkled the goat cheese on top. I put it in the microwave for about 2.5 minutes and BAM! A tasteful gourmet lunch right in Cass Lake. 

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Easy Monday

Today may not have had a lot of creativity thrown in, but it was a healthful choice all the same. Healthy doesn't have to be complicated as I hope you are learning from this blog, and nothing is easier than a quick soup and salad! 

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