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Healthy at the Corner Bar!

Ok folks, my vacation is over, I took a nice long work break and I would recommmend it to anyone because I feel incredibly refreshed and eager to get back at it. 

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Another Chopped Salad????

Well I did it again, another chopped salad.But as you know I am desperately trying to salvage any veggies I have in the fridge in order to avoid waste. So I chopped up some carrots, some radishes, some tomatoes, some onions, added feta cheese and squeezed a lemon all over the lettuce, drizzled not even a teaspoons worth of blue cheese dressing ( to tone down the lemon a little ) then I shook it all up and BAM beautiful chopped salad!! 

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Picture Mid-Bite!

I was starving today and totally spaced on taking the picture until I was almost halfway through my salad!! So I apologize for not getting the full effect. However it does show everyone that this is not an act for my blog. This is really how I eat. I make great meals out of whatever I have on hand and today I forgot entirely about the blog momentarily and yet I still took the time to mix red onions, goat cheese, tuna, and cilantro into my salad. If i hadn't been so hungry and just wanting to dig in, I may have thrown my quinoa salad on top. Either way it was delicious!!! 

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Fastest Delivery Ever!

The rumors are true, I thought about Jimmy Johns for lunch and it arrived! Joking, I did have to order, but it was fast. And maybe today wasn't my strongest show of will power but I did enjoy the large high carb sub. And its like I tell my patients, if you're going to over do it, make sure its worth it and by god it was. And yes I may add another few minutes tomorrow on the treadmill, but it was definitely worth it. 

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Chopped Salad-Quick and Easy

Todays lunch was extremely satisfying. I did not expect it to be so good actually. It was (once again) a mix of thrown together items for a chopped salad. I had romaine lettuce, radishes, artichokes, sauerkraut, hearts of palm, feta cheese, and blue cheese dressing. I put it into the container, shook it up and BAM perfect salad.  

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Maybe I should have thought of a better name for this dish but I have been busy today and my creative juices are slowing down.  

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Sometimes you have to buy your lunch...

There are only so many hours in a morning and there are especially few hours in a monday morning. This morning my time was shortened even more in order to bring one of the kids to a dentist appt at 7 AM. This greatly disrupted any chance to grab a lunch. Now I realize that I encourage people to grab something anyway and I probably could have done that, but I was tired, and I needed coffee, so I flaked today. However I did not settle for some highly processed quick microwave meal or fast food. I went to Cantabria and ordered their veggie pizza and then their veggie tray as well. I did have enough time to grab some radishes from the fridge before I left the house (they are purple in the picture) but otherwise I had more than enough with the two items I bought. Perfect amount of food and a large serving of veggies. Maybe buying lunch isn't so bad, if you make the right choice that is.... 

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That's One Big Salad!

Today I was starving. Not sure why but it is just a hunger day, in fact even after eating the huge salad that I just devoured, I am still a little hungry. Days like this it is hard to stay on a good path because healthy food doesn't always cut it. Sometimes a hunger like this needs to be fed fat. Don't get me wrong. I love fat, but too much fat on a non workout day feels a little heavy. So instead I will drink lots of water, eat some fruit and maybe nibble on some cheese. And probably have about 15 cups of tea and then go to the bathroom 45 times.  

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Short on the veggies

Todays lunch was simple because I had little time as I left for work... Im starting to see a trend here.... ;( I grabbed the steak and leftover tomatoes and cheese from the refrigerator along with some ambrosia (my favorite go to), goat cheese, and some crackers.  

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Rice, Veggie and Chicken Surprise!

Todays lunch was a compilation of weekend leftovers.  

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