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Mustard makes the meal

Today I forgot my dressing for my salad. At first I was horribly bummed and was considering leaving to buy dressing when instead I decided to stay and make do with plain lettuce when suddenly I found this mustard hiding in the back of the refrigerator! Yay!

Its such a good feeling when you make do with something. Not only do you have to use creative thinking to do so, but you also probably save yourself time and money that as we all know are two precious commodities.

In my opinion I believe that the act of "making do" nurtures a primitive survival part of our psyche that never gets exercised in this world of abundance. Suffering through less than optimal conditions, whatever they may be, is like a mental reminder that you are stronger than your urges. Sort of like surviving a hike on the Pacific Crest Trail... ok maybe not to that extreme, however its a start. :) 

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