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Top 10 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain


  • When Merry Making is at its highest, so sometimes is our weight. To help curb those pesky holiday pounds, here is a list of the top 10 things you can do to keep yourself healthy this coming holiday season.

  • 1.Eat Before you go… Most holiday events involve food. If you have a healthy snack at home prior to the event you will be less tempted to over indulge.
  • 2.BYO… There is no better way to guarantee that a healthy side dish or beverage option is present than if you bring your own.
  • 3.Be wary of Booze… Avoid the fancy named cocktails, they usually contain sugary juices and syrups, and have a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you enjoy.
  • 4.Choose protein… Having protein with your meals and snacks helps to curb your appetite and keep your blood sugar steady. This is key to not overeating.
  • 5.Be conscious of serving “ware”… Choose an appetizer size plate for serving your meal or when sampling food at a party. In addition, choose tall, skinny stemware for all drinks, not just the champagne.
  • 6.Be the last in line… Let everyone else go first for the buffet. This way you won’t necessarily have time for seconds, plus you will be less likely to take large portions of the different dishes when there is less in the bowl or on the platter.
  • 7.Freeze it, freeze it, freeze it… Whether it be extra cookies you made or leftovers from Christmas Eve dinner. Don’t let those high-sugar, high-fat foods stay sitting on your counter or in your fridge where you will be tempted to pick at them each day. If it can’t be frozen send it with your guests. On the same side avoid taking home leftovers.
  • 8.Get moving with family and friends… Plan active events for your holiday get togethers’. Go sledding or skating if weather permits. Stuck inside? Drag your family with you to a yoga class, maybe you will spark a new interest in them. Cant get them even to leave the house? Then play a game of twister or charades. Avoid only sitting around eating and drinking, try to balance any sedentary time with movement.
  • 9.Make time to unwind…The holidays are an exceptionally stressful time of year and that stress can lead to excess drinking and eating. Rather than reaching for those few remaining cookies or pouring an extra glass of wine, maybe take a bath or read a book to clear your mind.
  • 10.Step out of your comfort zone… Are all your holiday traditions food based? This is the year to change them! You don’t have to make 15 kinds of cookies to give away, maybe this year roast some nuts or try your hand at some homemade granola. Instead of a dinner table full of carbs and candied foods, perhaps find a few vegetable recipes to try. Rather than a cookie exchange with friends, maybe do a white elephant gift party.

More important than any of these tips is to remember to relax and enjoy the season. There is nothing enjoyable about overindulgence and enjoying your holiday season with a level of moderation is the best way to keep things not only in check weight wise but in check for your sanity as well. 



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