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The Journey of a Lifetime

This year I have decided to do something big, something big for my practice, big for my family, and big for myself. Although I am coming to learn that for it to truly impact how I intend, I need all of my energy to channel on how to help others rather than on how it could benefit me. So, I have decided to take my yoga practice to the next level and become a teacher. As of the beginning of September, I officially started Yoga Teacher Training (YTT).

Yoga has always been something that I inherently knew was good for everyone, but I didn’t always understand why it was. I definitely saw the physical side of it, but the mental, emotional and spiritual sides were a little foggy. Despite my uncertainty to the why, I trusted my gut and what I did know enough to encourage my patients to seek a yoga practice of their own. I can truly say there is a huge difference in the health and wellness of those who do. I myself have worked to practice yoga on my own. Looking back I can see that the times when my practice was strong, my health was improved, my sleep was better, and my waistline was trimmer. It wasn’t until I started this program that I felt the absolute force of how impactful this practice genuinely is.

My first practice with my teacher was amazing and inspirational. There were no poses, or mat work, just talk about what yoga is, the expectations for the class and what she hopes we gain from this experience. I left feeling really excited and motivated. My second practice with her was a little different, although very powerful it was also very humbling. I still left excited and happy with my decision, but I also carried with me the start of a new purpose, a new direction and a new sense of what this journey was really about.

I can say going into this program I had a bit of arrogance and over-confidence in my own practice, but after a couple of hours with my Teacher I quickly dropped that feeling. I feel I was broken down and the foundation was laid for a new me in that first class. My Teacher helped me to understand what I was doing wrong and how I was doing it wrong, but more than that, I learned why it was wrong. Maybe the how and why do not see much different, but as I am learning in the world of yoga where everything flows together, that these differences are key.

Now it’s time to unroll your mat, take a couple of breaths, stretch your arms overhead, breath in, let your breath out as you move into forward bend …… and let your yoga practice begin.


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