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is it too late to back out??? joking...but this pre race week is harder than I thought....

The taper down time... nbsp;Throughout this entire training I have looked forward to this week. This week that has very little actual training, its a lot of relaxation and in fact it is suggested to do hardly any strenuous work this week. But the funny thing is that this week has been a little harder than I thought it would be. Not the no running part... that's been easy ;) However, I will admit I feel anxious and worried about not running. It makes me feel like I am losing my endurance or strength or something, my rational mind tells me I am fine, but the irrational part starts worrying that any of my missed runs over the past few weeks are going to affect me on race day.  

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Way too hot and way too fast

Anyone who has ever run a marathon or any long distance for that matter knows the golden rule, don't start out too strong. However that is always easier said than done. Especially when you are running on a beautiful hot sunny Saturday and all you can think about is the laundry list of things you would rather be doing. So your instinct is to just get it over with. I think this is why I prefer the treadmill. When I start out on the treadmill it doesn't feel like if I change my pace I will finish faster. It feels like I am going to get where I'm going at whatever pace I choose. As for outdoor running, I don't know about the rest of the runners out there, but for me the very worst part of the run is that first mile, or that first 10-15 minutes. It is even more hateful if you start out at the appropriate and recommended slower pace. You feel like you are barely moving. And on a hot day you have loads of water and energy gels or chews attached to your body in some fashion, the sun is beating down on you and each step feels worse than the one before. Running in the heat is not enjoyable. I have heard some of my running friends say that they love running on a nice calm sunny day. Yuck! Give me overcast and a light breeze. That's what I would prefer. I would say about 45-55 is the best running weather. For one I prefer to wear long sleeve and capri length pants. I can't stand to run in shorts or a tank top (I am not ashamed to say that my thighs do touch and my arms do jiggle so this type of clothing only causes chafing). I also would prefer not to wear sunglasses or a hat to be able to see. Plus, I live on a dirt road and for some reason the dust feels "dustier" in warm weather. I'm starting to see why my Florida running attempt was so unsuccessful. The funny thing though is that normally I do like warm weather. I even like humidity. And even though I have never liked the sun just beating down on me, overall I am a warm weather fan. However I have never run in warm weather and I sincerely hope that my running is not going to change my thoughts on warm weather. In fact I am a little fearful it could. Already I am looking forward to my next long run day because it is only going to be 60 some degrees out. I'm just crossing my fingers that the day of the race the weather will be nice and cool......  

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No worries...Im still alive!

I bet you are all wondering where I have gone, well all three of you who read my blog anyway:) ... Well I haven't gone too far, I just have been a little mentally absent. Training for this marathon is taking up time people! But unfortunately, I can't actually blame the marathon. Instead I will be honest and say that currently my hubby and I just took on a little more than we can chew. I really really really did not want this to happen, I wanted to enjoy my runs and then cuddle up on the couch with my daughter after a long one. But instead I am waking up some mornings at 3 AM to run, I am running in a circle through my yard and I am wearing out the track in a treadmill when I should be outside. But if any of you reading this know me or my husband then you know that we are crazy insane busy all the time. It is just how we are. Its how we function and most often its what we love. But lately it hasn't been so fun. Lately its been a lot of bad stress, a lot of frustration and a lot of sleepless nights. I am sure you are all wondering why those sleepless nights were not spent sitting up writing my blog, well I would say that I so wish that is what I could have been doing. But instead I found myself doing all sorts of un-fun other things. These ranged from attempting to bake gluten free cookies for my open house to studying up for my wellness coach certification.  And let me tell you something about that. Once you think you are totally done with school it is nearly impossible to go back to studying, especially at home. I had books spread out on the table for days and days. And the gluten free cookies? They became a disaster and found their way to the garbage. Other un-fun things that I did while you were all pining away for a new entry? I ran in 100 degree muggy weather in florida, that was actually a little fun though because I love florida, hot or not. Then we also ran for 16 miles these past two weekends which was amazing, but not very fun. We got to run outside and there were hills and it was cold. So I spent the entire run wiping my dripping nose onto the sleeve of my shirt and praying the next mile would come soon. (Im sure some of you are saying eeewe to the sleeve comment but truthfully I had to use my shirt, there is just no way I could or would have been able to bring that much kleenex.) I am just thankful my daughter can't read because she would read this and assume she could do that all the time. Hopefully she will have better manners...But honestly everyone, I wish I had more to say about these last few weeks that I have been gone. Instead they were boring and uneventful when it came to the running. In fact if any thing of interest happened at all it would have to be that I became healthier. I know that I have complained about my appearance in the past and how things aren't changing the way I want, but I recently learned that my health has improved drastically since I started running. My heart rate went from 77 in the fall to 60 on thursday. So as much as I have wished for my outside appearance to be different or slimmer, at least my inside (the part that truly counts) is how it should be.  

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Good thing there is a bathroom close by!

Ha! Got your attention with that title didn't I?? Well I figured I had to do something since I am a week late in my newest blog entry. But truly that title does have to do with the topic of this weeks post. And that is illness and running. (I'm assuming you get the title now...hopefully I don't have to go into detail...)  

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