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Its the little things that count

My favorite line from Dirty Dancing is when Frank tells Doc and Neil that Baby is going to change the world and they ask Lisa what she's going to do for the world and Baby responds with "Oh Lisa's going to decorate it." I don't care if you love dirty dancing or not but I do want to know if you have ever asked yourself how you can make the world a better place? Maybe you want to make it a prettier place and decorate it like Lisa. Great! Do so by planting flowers and picking up garbage. Maybe you want to be like Baby and fight injustice and end world hunger. Even better, join green peace, feed the starving children of the world or protest oil rigs. But maybe you aren't sure what you want to do, or you just don't have the time to focus an entire career or hobby to these grand schemes but you still want to do your part. That's great too! Everyone has a  part to play and Its easy to get hung up on the big things we wish we could do while ignoring all the small changes that we actually can do. 

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Jessica Carter MS, RD, LD

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Jessica Carter is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian. She is the founder and president of Core Health & Nutrition, LLC.

As a wife, mother, and dedicated professional, Jessica is passionate about living life to the fullest while still maintaining balance.

Jessica founded Core Health & Nutrition on the fundamental belief that with the right information and a little bit of motivation, anyone can have good health. She also believes that the ability to prevent disease and lead a healthy life is all about making the right choices. It is the mission of Core Health & Nutrition to provide clients with the knowledge, the tools and the motivation to make the best decisions for their health.

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