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Reduce your medications and save money

Billions of dollars are spent annually on diabetes management and a large portion of that goes toward medications. The cost of diabetes medications is criminal. Sometimes medications are here to stay, but sometimes we can lesson them or even eliminate some if not all. This is great for your pocket book but also wonderful for your body. 

One of the best ways to lower blood sugar levels is through activity. In fact, activity is so effective at lowering BG that it must be figured into a management plan. The process by which exercise helps is beyond the scope of this post, but in simple terms it comes down to this: in order for our muscles to move they need energy in the form of sugar. We get this sugar from our meals but remember that with diabetes that sugar sits longer in our blood stream, so adding activity helps bring this sugar from the blood stream to the muscles. This way that sugar is  being used instead of being stored. 

Sometimes there is a reverse effect though and some types of activity can cause an adrenaline spike with can raise blood sugar levels. Thats why it is important to monitor your levels whenever you add new activity and talk to your educator about what type of activity would work best with your current lifestyle and management plan. Don't be afraid to add activity, just be smart. 

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