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Feed your Face, Feed your Run!

To preface this entry I will give a little insight and perspective into the topic matter and then I will end with a little personal story about my struggles in this area.  

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The things I didn't know....(or chose to ignore)..and my husbands sore nipples

Running on a treadmill vs Running outside.  

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Good thing there is a bathroom close by!

Ha! Got your attention with that title didn't I?? Well I figured I had to do something since I am a week late in my newest blog entry. But truly that title does have to do with the topic of this weeks post. And that is illness and running. (I'm assuming you get the title now...hopefully I don't have to go into detail...)  

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One last week....

I'm sure you are all confused by that title. Some of you probably think I quit already and some think I have lost my marbles and am confused about the duration of the training. But you are all wrong. For one, I did not quit, I am sticking this through to the bitter bloody toe-nailed end. And for two I assure you that I am well aware there are many more runs before June 20th. I will say I am thankful for that also because I am not ready for that 26.2, maybe 26, but that .2 is what will kill me ;)  

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Fashion and running...and Im not talking about LuLuLemon or Athleta...

One thing I have learned over the past few weeks, is that a major trick to enjoying the treadmill is to put a fashion filled movie into the DVD player. For me it has to involve an attractive cast and a HUGE array of outfits, shoes, accessories, hair styles etc etc. How does this help me you might ask... Well.. The attractive cast makes me aspire to run more because I want to look like the tightly toned lead female character, and the fashion helps distract me from the boredom of the run. It also helps to keep my mind from wandering to all the things I need to do that day. But the fashion has to be changing the whole time. Example: The Devil Wears Prada was perfect because the outfits change the entire show, in fact the show is based on the outfits. However Walk of Shame was a little tougher because she wears the yellow dress the ENTIRE film! Right now I am watching Easy A and although the movie is not totally focused on fashion, there is enough variety to keep me interested during the duller parts. Next on the viewing list is Confessions of a Shopaholic, then I am thinking SATC, one and two. A little Sarah Jessica Parker and all those designer labels! I think I could run the whole marathon to that! 

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Rest days are my favorite days...or are they?!?!

When I started this journey I so looked forward to my rest days. I especially looked forward to sunday which wasn't a rest day but was still a day that I didn't have a run, which was then followed by a rest day. But as this journey continues I am learning that rest days aren't all they are cracked up to be.  

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Not every days a winner...

This post will be very brief, it is an added post because I felt the need to vent in a public way about my run this morning. I woke up at my typical time, maybe a little later than usual but still close enough. I went through my normal routine, Evolv energy drink as I dress for the run, turn the TV on, search for a show, get on the treadmill. Everything was fine, normal and then I started running and BAM! out of no where the run starts to suck, instantly. And this is more than the normal crappy first 15 minute slump. This is excruciating. And honestly I can't say what was so horrible. I wasn't sore, my breathing was fine, it just felt like my body did not want to run. I felt like I could not put one foot in front of the other. It was the worst feeling in the world. I was extremely thirsty too. I usually drink some water before my run, which I did this morning. The most I have had to stop for water during a 25 minute run would be once and maybe rarely twice. But this time I needed to stop four times! What is up with that??! This was the most horrible feeling in the world. When I finished I wasn't sweating extra hard or breathing heavier I just felt awful for some reason. So I started thinking in my head what could be causing this uncomfortable feeling? Is it because I don't feel good? No that can't be it because I was much sicker the last two days and they were fine.. Is it because I didn't sleep well last night? Hmmm probably not, I have ran on less sleep than that and it didn't bother me. And then it hit me, the problem was what I ate the night before. This is a great example of how what we eat so strongly affects how we feel. The night before we had eaten deep fried food, a burger , hot wings and had a few beers. I will note this is not a typical wednesday night meal for me, however I succumbed to temptation after watching Hockey. While I was eating the food I definitely felt like I should have made a better choice and luckily since my body is not used to those high amounts of fat I did not finish all the food (no worries it didn't go to waste, there were plenty of hungry boys sitting at the table). But as my running times are increasing my diet choices are starting to have a more direct effect on my performance. This is great!! What better reason to avoid bad foods and excess alcohol?! Knowing how bad my run will be the next day compared to how good it could be is a huge motivator to make better choices.  

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The first 15...and other discoveries this week...

I am sorry for this late entry, this week I had a bit of writers block. I am going to blame it on this awful head cold I have been battling, but I couldn't put it off any longer. So I poured some green tea and got a snack (to help me think) and sat down to write. To catch you up. I am no longer in my walk/run training, I am officially just running. This past week I ran 20 minutes strait on all my run days. I still am not at a Loooovvvvvveee level of running, but it is creeping up there more and more. I also made a few discoveries this week that I would like to share with you.

First I have discovered that the first 15 minutes are the kicker. As you may remember from previous posts I have struggled to run for extended periods of time. There have been a few days that I did the deed, but overall I tend to want to stop and walk for even just a minute. Well I discovered that after I hit 15 minutes I don't want to stop as badly. Maybe that is how long it takes to get my rhythm going or for my brain to accept that I am actually running, but whatever it is, it works. It is just getting through those first 15 that is the new struggle.

Second thing I discovered relates to my goal from the last post. In my last post I reported that I was struggling to not focus on the time I had left to run and instead focus on the run or lose myself in thought, whatever. I needed to learn how to not dwell on the clock. Well there was such a simple solution to this problem I can't believe it took me so long to apply it. Cover the clock!! Duh.... I know, this seems like a no brainer, but for some reason I thought that if I covered the clock on the cable box (because that is the only clock in that room..), then maybe the remote would not be able to send a signal to the box and heaven forbid I wouldn't be able to change the channel if I didn't like what I was watching. Its insane what goes through my head sometimes. I am the master at justifying and twisting situations. Of course I dont NEED to be able to change the channel, isnt that the point of "losing myself" so that I am not so focused on what is happening around me? It shouldn't matter if the show is boring, I am running, and honestly if it truly is that boring I can always stop and move the box, change the channel and get back on the tread mill. Sometimes I make things so difficult. So after having this conversation with myself (in my head so I didn't frighten people) I decided to cover up the clock with a small box that I may still be able to get a signal around... (I just couldn't let go of that fear of not being able to use the remote). Let me tell you this, WOW. Amazing, superb, fantastic, best thing I ever did. Suddenly I was running for those terrible 15 minutes and didn't even realize when I was past it. I'm not gonna lie, I still knew and felt like I was running so it isn't a perfect system, I didn't suddenly feel like I was sitting in a bistro on a warm sunny day drinking a latte. I was still sweating and running on a treadmill so my method didn't totally take me away mentally. However it did help me with the time issue.

Third thing I discovered this week is that it totally sucks when I miss a run. Yes I know that I am not supposed to miss a run and so far I have done really well with this aspect of training but lets face it folks, this is me we are talking about it was bound to happen with our hectic schedule. It was Saturdays run and I was at my brothers house and we had a million things to do and then we went to a WILD game that night, PLUS I wasn't feeling well at all. But no excuses, I should have ran outside at his house or done my run on friday before I left or Sunday when we got home but that didn't happen, I just skipped the Saturday run. However I think that there is always positive out of every negative even if it is just a lesson learned. And in this case it was most definitely a lesson learned and a new discovery of myself. Missing that run felt terrible. I felt heavier the whole weekend. I felt like I was even sicker by not running, I also felt like I had less energy and let me tell you folks, I was depressed. I was really really down about it and I didn't expect that of myself. Maybe it is just that I hate cheating and am a guilt ridden person who can not do anything without suffering days, months and sometimes years of guilt after the act. Or maybe it is because running gives you endorphins and suddenly taking away that steady stream is like cutting out an antidepressant with no warning. Who knows what the reason is, all I know is that I am thankful to have experienced it. I will NEVER miss a run again. In fact my husband missed his as well, he was on an airplane most of the day but remember no excuses, but he felt the same way. We discussed this on our drive home, how much we both regretted not running and how much we didn't realize the impact running is starting to have on us. I feel like we are starting a new life at times. I mean a lot of things are still the same, thank god because I do love my life, but some things have changed, we plan for our runs, we eat healthier so as to help improve our runs, we come home earlier at night to be able to run the next morning. So many changes but all positive.

Now for the best of the week. We even went shopping! Not for boots or shoes or anything awesome like that, but for some running clothes! I still need better shoes and some running tights or leggings, but we got several good tops and even some arm sleeves in case its chilly the morning of the race.

In conclusion I want to say that I sincerely hope after Grandmas Marathon we will continue to run and I see many more races in our future!


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Kale is out of style?? What the......

Warning, this post is a bit of a rant and not necessarily educational although I do make a solid point at the end and believe that if you read it right you will definitely have something to take away from it. 

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