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Q: How do I reduce added sugars in my diet?

A: Great question. To start, stop adding sugar to your food. For coffee use heavy cream and cinnamon to flavor rather than sweetened syrups and sugar packets. Have peanut butter on your toast and forgo the jelly. Choose cheese sticks and raw nuts or seeds for snacks instead of sugar heavy granola bars. Try having plain yogurt but add fruit for sweetness.

Next, stop buying high sugar foods or foods with lots of added sugar. Some of these high sugar items might be yours or your children's favorite breakfast foods. Take a few minutes to compare labels for a better choice. Look for packages that say 'No-added sugar'.
The ultimate step though is to reduce the amount of processed food you eat altogether. Most of the added sugars we consume come in the form of pre-packaged, pre-processed, boxed, canned and frozen foods. Eating real whole foods makes it easy to avoid these add ins.
For more tips and strategies call for an appointment today. Its time to get started on your own individualized reduced sugar plan.


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