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Q: Is there anything I can do with my diet to help my skin handle the next few months of dry, cold air?

A: Great question and Yes, there are many diet changes that can help combat skin dryness. First and foremost increase water intake. Water not only helps our internal body systems run efficiently, it is also especially important for skin health. Keeping yourself hydrated on the inside is a great way to keep your skin supple on the outside. 

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Q: Any tips for keeping my New Year’s Resolution(s) this year?

A: Good Question! This is the time of year where we all take stock of how things went the past 12 months and how we would like them to go the next dozen. This thought process leads most of us to make resolutions or goals to help prioritize what is important for the upcoming year. Whether you write it down, talk it out, or paint it on a canvas, any goals you set for yourself should be SMART. SMART is an acronym to help increase the success rate for the goals and resolutions you create this year. Here are the details to get your started.  

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Q: Is there any way to make healthy Christmas cookies?

A: Yes and No. I would say there are ways of making HEALTHIER cookies, but regardless a cookie is still a cookie. That being said, we are all still going to eat them this season, so trying to healthify them is not only a great idea but an excellent show of problem solving through the holiday season.  

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Q: What is an unconventional way to avoid weight gain this Christmas season?

A: I’m sorry to say that there are no secret potions or magic pills to help you avoid the notorious seasonal weight gain. But, I do have a method you may not have tried before. This season rein in the excess.  

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Q: Any tips to avoid weight gain over the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday?

A: As thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, it can also be one of my most dreaded. Not only for me but for my clients as it usually involves a lot of stuffing our faces, and a lot of sitting around afterwards. Here are some tips to avoid that extra weight gain or blood sugar spikes this upcoming turkey day.  

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Q: Why am I not losing weight even though I keep cutting calories?

A: Cutting calories has always been the gold standard for weight loss. Times are changing though. The truth is, if you cut calories you might drop a couple of pounds, initially, but a habit of cutting calories will only slow your metabolism over time. Essentially you are under-feeding yourself. In an underfed state, your body will slow down to protect itself, one way it does this is by hanging on to your stored fat. This is not what you want, you want to burn that fat. So instead of being preoccupied with calories, it is better to focus on balancing the food groups, increasing activity and watching portion sizes. Eating the right foods such as whole fruits and veggies, lean proteins and healthy fats along with more frequent snacks and meals will help fuel and energize allowing your body to let go of those pesky fat stores. Phew, you can all breathe a sigh of relief now, no more counting calories. There is a better way.

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Q: With homecoming fast approaching, what are some ways we can keep our tailgate party healthy?

A: Keeping a tailgate party healthy doesn’t have to be hard. If you can, offer to host the party, that way you are in charge of the main dish. Then you can also ensure healthy dishes are brought by designating certain healthy dishes to other party goers. Typically a tailgate party is a time for grilling to keep things healthy choose kebabs with vegetables mixed in, or a lean meat and forgo the heavy sugar laden BBQ sauces, season instead with herbs and spices. Or make some some chili instead of grilling. If you are not able to be the host then make sure you offer to bring a healthy dish. One idea is seasoned vegetables to grill. Another is a veggie tray. Or perhaps a nice veggie filled green salad. Instead of fruit in a bowl try your hand at some fruit skewers. As for drinks if you are a beer drinker try to choose something lower in calorie such as Guinness or Mich Ultra, and make sure to drink a full glass of water with each drink. If you are a hot beverage person then make sure you limit yourself to one or two because these drinks can be really high in calories and sugar.  

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Q: Help! Should I be worried about my picky eater??

A: Picky eating is most common for children aged 2-5 years. There are many reasons that a child may refuse certain foods, these could range from the color to the texture and have nothing to do with taste. Some children also choose dinner time to play and talk instead of eat. Picky eating can be frustrating but it shouldn’t be worrisome. As long as your child seems to have plenty of energy and is growing at a normal rate, chances are they are eating enough to be healthy. However if you are concerned with your child’s growth or eating behavior be sure to talk to your family doctor who may refer you to a dietitian or other specialist to investigate further.

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Q: During the school year our mornings are hectic and often rushed, what are some healthy breakfast choices that will be quick and easy to prepare?

A: Great question, and I will say that this is an area that I am constantly working on myself. It is very easy to fall into the habit of grabbing a quick sugar filled breakfast item, however with a little bit of planning and some creativity, breakfast can be quick and healthy.  

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Q: Now that it is apple season I wonder, does an apple a day really keep the doctor away?

A: You would be surprised by how often I am asked this question. And my answer to them is always... “Well it can certainly keep the doctor at a safe distance.” And what I mean by that is yes! Eating an apple every day is going to improve your health and your ability to fight off illness, this means you will have less need to go to the doctor. However you can’t depend on the apple to do all the work. Other lifestyle changes need to be made to truly maintain good health, but as with all things, it’s a great start!  

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