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Q: I have recently had bariatric surgery and have noticed that I am losing some hair, is this normal?


Q: I have recently had bariatric surgery and have noticed that I am losing some hair, is this normal?

A: First of all good for you for making such an Licensed Dietitian important and di cult decision for your health. Second there are a number of reasons you could be losing some hair and although I wouldn’t say it’s “normal” I would say that it’s not uncommon. My rst suggestion would be to talk with your surgeon or a dietitian to make sure that there are no nutrients you may be de cient in. Something to consider and be ready to share is the duration of the hair loss along with how long it’s been since you had surgery. This is important to distinguish as this may indicate two entirely di erent reasons. Nutritional reasons are more common for hair loss log after surgery as well as for an extended period of time where as hair loss close to surgery could simply be from the stress your body was under during surgery and in the healing process. For more help with weight loss surgery questions please contact me to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.

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