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Q: What are some ways to add flavor to my coffee without having to use high sugar sweeteners?


A: Great question. High sugar coffee drinks are quite popular right now and sometimes we are fooled into thinking a drink is healthier than it is... think "skinny latte made with skim milk". There are still carbs in that milk, therefore there is still sugar added to that drink, the calories may be lower but the sugar content is still there. To avoid that extra sugar try flavoring your coffee with cinnamon, nutmeg or even plain vanilla. Or use heavy cream. There are still calories in cream but they come from fat not from sugar. You could also try using unsweetened almond milk as a creamer. At the coffee shop avoid adding syrups and ask them to instead add plain cream (not milk) and if you ask for almond milk confirm its the unsweetened kind.
Another thing to consider is could you drink it black? I usually try getting my patients to consider transitioning to black coffee by slowly lessening the amount of sweetener they add until they can stop using it all together.
For more ideas come in for a free consult and we can evaluate your beverage intake and devise a plan that works for you.

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